Footy Updates From The AFL Season – Who do you support?

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Generally, Australians love their footy game, and most people think it’s not cool to support two teams. It’s easy to catch the AFL frenzy after arriving in Australia. It’s typical for the locals to cheer loudly during live weekend matches at the AFL stadium. Depending on the team that you support, there are phone apps that send real-time footy updates. However, you shouldn’t upset Victorians during their AFL match because it’s more than a sport for them. Let’s find out the exciting features of some footy games.

Some Tips That Helps to Follow AFL Games

Who Do You Barrack?

Don’t be clueless when someone says; ‘Hi, who do you ‘barrack’ for?’ It means; which AFL team is your favorite, and has your support. Be mindful of the AFL team that you support because sticking a team comes with much passion. Some of these teams are underdogs and could lower your level of enthusiasm for the footy sport. By ‘barracking’ for an active team during a league season, your confidence level for participation grows fast. However, supporters of the opposing team are called ‘ferals.’

Prepare For the Weather

Be ready for the weather if you want to see live AFL matches and events in Australian stadiums. Most fixtures during the AFL season Footy season are played in the winter. It might be tough to visit the stadium without thermal clothes. Wear your hoodies, scarf, and gloves when attending a game.

Mind Your Team’s Color

Like other leagues, the AFL uses colour codes and jersey patterns to differentiate teams. Be mindful of your team’s colours and sit close to fellow fans. To enjoy the cheerlead during live matches; you can wear the jersey number of your favourite AFL player. When this player performs well, it rewards your passion for the game.

Public Holidays for AFL Fans

Do you know that AFL fans have Public Holidays to celebrate this footy game? This special day excites Victorians excited, and strengthens the bond among fans of respective teams. Also, fans like to display comradely passions and chant rivalry songs on this day.

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Know the Basics for Aussie Rules

Don’t get confused – Aussie rules are another name for this footy (AFL). Before starting any AFL match, you’ll hear the sound of a klaxon instead of a whistle. Then, players pass the oval ball with both their feet and hands. The game is played by a team of 18 players (on each team). Usually, the umpire bounces the ball to indicate the start of each quarter, and players rush to take possession. As players try to score some points during the AFL game, tension builds inside the stadium, be it the first row or the AFL corporate box, and fans get anxious for a victory.

Which AFL Team Do You Support?

Many factors can build your passion and loyalty for this footy. While some teams are derby rivals, others are strong title contenders. A derby team shares the same city or regional location. You could show strong support for any team because of your connection with its city. Also, your housemates or friends could be strong rivals – it’s normal. When AFL clubs show impressive performance, their supporter base swells.

This rise in support can be frustrating for rival clubs. However, a loyal club fan sticks with the team during times of underperformance and success.

Apart from connections with a club, knowledge of the footy game can win your support for a club. Also, people show support across family ties. For them, it’s a culture of the game that promotes unity. In the spirit of fair play, Aussie rules don’t require targeted aggressions from fans.