To Build A Big House Or A Small One

To Build A Big House Or A Small One and New home design home design plans

Are you striving to build a new house for your family or yourself? Are you also confused about a million things, just like everyone else, while making this significant decision?

Well, designing and building or constructing a house for yourself or your family is one of the most significant yet challenging decisions of one’s life. We’re only humans, so getting confused about many things while going through this process is obvious.

As per the recent survey report, people usually get most confused about questions such as what kind of house that they want to build and on, what kind of land they want to build their house on, and the new home design. The new home design itself should be such that incorporates the needs of the family/individual and also fulfills the desires about certain amenities in the house.

Well, here in this article, we are going to discuss two types of scenarios.

  1. An individual building a big house on cheap land or
  2. An individual building a small house but on expensive land.

These scenarios have their separate pros and cons. For a better and clear understanding, let’s go through them.

In the first setting, if an individual decides to build a big house however on cheap land, then the pros and cons that he will face are as follows:

Pros Of Building A Big House On A Cheap Land

To Build A Big House Or A Small One
  • Spacious – If an individual decides to build a giant house on a piece of cheap land, then indeed the individual and his family will get a spacious house. A giant house means more space for having multiple rooms. The biggest advantage of having a giant size house is that nobody has to live in a shared space or share their personal space. Home design plans for such a house are much easier since there is a lot of space to incorporate most or all of the needs and desires.  No individual has to sacrifice their comfort zone for anybody.  Every member of the family can live freely and happily.
  • Utilization of free space for multiple purposes – The giant houses are spacious. Such space can be used for numerous purposes, such as giving dance lessons to the children or giving the extra space to other people and renting it out.

Cons Of Building A Big House On A Cheap Land

  • Water Issues – Building a giant house on cheap land, can make you face a significant number of issues, such as water availability, etc. Nowadays, everybody has separate water connections so there is the availability of water 24/7. However, if your house is built on cheap land, then there is a big chance that such a cheap area of land must be having low water availability.
  • Polluted Environment – The nearby environment of cheap land can be highly polluted, which can be bad for your health.
  • Less number of services nearby – The nearby areas of cheap land usually do not have many services. During an emergency, you might not find a doctor or a pharmacy around. Moreover, for buying grocery items, you might have to travel for a few extra kilometers because cheap areas don’t always provide impeccable services like a shopping mall or grocery shops.

Pros Of Building A Small House On An Expensive Land

  • FULL FACILITY – If an individual decides to build a house on expensive land, there are most likely essential services around. Most of the expensive land has all kinds of facilities nearby. Such as hospitals, grocery outlets, and more.

Cons Of Building A Small House On An Expensive Land

  • Less number of rooms  – If an individual decides to build a small house, then he and his family might have to face the issue of sharing space with the other members of their family. Home design plans for such a house takes a long time and are quite intricate since the amount of space is less to accommodate everyone’s needs. This means that individuals have to compromise and let go of some of their desires.

All these things need to be kept in mind while deciding. But moreover, the regulations while buying a land set by the Victorian Government, Australia should also be followed and an expert should be consulted to avoid fraud or to simply avoid buying land that you regret later.