How to revamp your home during isolation

As the coronavirus continues on its path of destruction, it seems that self-isolation and distancing are now the norms. There are many around the world who are trying to adjust to the lockdown life which begs the question of what to do when you are stuck in isolation? 

Do you consider yourself a DIY enthusiast? You may just find the answer to your isolation irritations within your own home. Whether it be as simple as cleaning out that closet you have been meaning to attend to, pulling all those weeds out or simply changing the decor and design of your home; there is always something to do in isolation. 

You will find there is no shortage of home improvement options when you are stuck in isolation. Even if you require something you don’t have, many shops are offering delivery so you can still get items that you may need.

Freshen up the trimming with a new coat of paint

Painting is time-consuming, so we often put it off until a later date. When in isolation, you have the time to get the painting done; so no more putting it off. Don’t underestimate the power that a new coat of paint will have on your room. 

De-clutter the kitchen cabinets

They say that your kitchen is the heart of the house. Most times, this is why the kitchen is the place for clutter and dust. Time to organise the chaos and clutter so everything can be organised in its right place for easy finding. Grab some baskets or even plastic containers that work well to store items and keep everything where it should be. Kitchen interior design sets the mood for the whole house.

Setting up your home office

It is more than likely you will be spending plenty of time working from home during the virus outbreak. Do yourself a favour and set yourself up with a home office. It can be a little nook area or even a space you have free in your walk-in robe. It doesn’t have to be a permanent structure, but it can be your own little space that will help you to focus and ignore the household distractions.

Cleaning out your closet

Time to sort through your clothes. It isn’t easy getting rid of the beloved clothes you may have had for a while now. It doesn’t mean you have to throw them out, you can give them to a charity, a friend or even pack them up and store them in a sealed container if you have room in your home. Grab a coffee and get sorting. You might be surprised at what you happen to find.

Plant a veggie garden

There is no better time than now to set up a veggie garden. You can buy seeds and seedlings online, so there is no need to venture to the shops if you are self- isolating. There is nothing better than walking to your backyard and picking some fresh herbs and veggies to have for dinner that are chemical-free. If you are short on space then you can consider planting some herbs in containers and plants like spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes which all do well in containers on window sills.

Organise your book collection

If your bookcase has become a shelf to pile junk on and to throw books on, then it may be time to organise it. Organise all your books into one area then have display items on the other. Get a box or basket and pull out everything else that has been stockpiled inside and sort through it. You want your bookcase to be organised, functional and aesthetically pleasing.