Top trending baby boy names in 2020

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Finding out you are pregnant can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. Waiting for your baby to arrive in this world, you will become very excited and happy as the months progress. If you know the gender of your baby, in the lead up to the birth of your child you might have a gender reveal party to inform family and friends the gender of their baby.  Choosing the gender of your baby may have been part of the process, either way the choosing of your baby’s name can be an exciting decision. 

Almost as important as the gender, is the significance of choosing your baby’s name. For some, using old and sentimental names, such as old family names is ideal; where for others they want to choose something new and trendy. The process of choosing a name can involve lots of discussions with your friends, family, and your partner, before making a final choice. In some countries, baby-naming is celebrated as a ceremony according to traditions. And in our modern world naming your baby after a celebrity, musician, or a movie character’s name is seen commonly around the globe.  

If you have naturally fallen pregnant with a boy, or have gone through baby gender selection to ensure you have a little boy on the way; here are the most popular names for boys right now:

Religious Names:

If you are a religious person and you want something that is religious, some of the best options are Mateo, Ezekiel, Elijah, Genesis, Muhammad, Axel, Asher, Miles, Lief, and Luca.

Movie-Inspired baby boy names:

Some names are inspired by movies and even TV shows, including some of the most iconic cartoon characters. These include Kylo, Soren, Ezra, Cruz, Cassian, Hayes, Stark, Brooks, Remi, and Tyrian.

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Celebrity inspired baby boy names:

The naming of babies inspired by celebrities is gaining popularity these days. From TV celebrities to famous Royal family members, these are some of the most famous names of 2020: Rhett, Archie, Paisley, Keanu, Leonardo, Luke, Maverick, Archie, Jonas.

Unisex names:

Some names are suitable for both boys and girls, and this is especially helpful as the trend for parents wishing to raise their children gender neutral grows. Here are the most popular unisex names: Darcy, Rowan, Quinn, Marlow, Phoenix, Jo, Kai, Riley, Dakota, Jordan, Jessie, Channing, Briar, Monroe, Scout, Gray, Gianni, Devon, Sterling, Armani, Ari, Tatum.

Nick-name inspired names for boys:

There is a new trend for nick-name styled names for boys. Here’s some to consider; Izzy, Ricky, Archie, Eli, Leo, Freddy, Tony, Randy, Frank, Frankie, Rudy

Top Names for boys in 2019, will the trend continue in 2020?

These names are the most trendy and also the most used in 2019 (according to the data from BabyCentre and SSA) therefore we imagine they may continue to be the most popular in 2020.

Liam, Noah, Logan, Mason, Oliver, Alexander, Ethan, Micheal, Braxton, Miles, Aiden, Joseph, Samuel, Paul, Jerry, Terry, Wyatt, Enzo, Cole, Johnny, Anthony, Andrew, Jacob, Theodore, Caleb, Ryan, Asher, Nathan, Thomas, Leo, Isaiah, Charles, Josiah, Hudson, Christian, Santiago, Jake, Hunter, Connor, Cooper, Nolan, Axel, Cameron, Carson, Matt, Mathew, Jeremiah, Aaron, Asa, Bill, Dominic, Angel, Maverick, Sam, Harry, Ronald, Ashton, Ian, Caden, Hayden, Caleb, Kal, Kabir, Rahul, Vijay, Liam, Xavier, Titan, Wilder, Rhydian, Mike, Matteo, Kaison, Zayn, Callum, Finley, Ed, Karsyn, Mordechai, Bowie, Kamdyn, Archie, Krew, Santana, Zakai, Elian.

The names that people chose for their children hold significance, and create an understanding of our time. These names tell us the story about who we are and choosing the right name is one of the most important tasks we have as parents in this big old world. Sometimes a name can reflect on a child’s behaviour. If you have a negative name there is the possibility that your child could have naughty qualities. It is important to name your baby with a positive name, in order to ensure your child obtains good character qualities. So you must remember to choose the name of your child with care. These are the main things that you should remember when naming your baby.