How Melbourne Is Using Its Renewable Energy

The City of Melbourne is already on the grid. However, it has a big agenda to create a carbon-neutral city that will be powered by all renewable energy.  In the year 2018, climate change experts are developing a climate change mitigation policy by 2050. The strategy is a big commitment to an action that is aimed at reducing the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions that are in the municipality. A big priority is to power the city with a 100% renewable energy. Great progress is being made to reduce emissions. Did you know the council operations are now powered 100% via renewable energy from the renewable energy project?

While there is still more action needed and we do have a role to play the partners and the city of Melbourne combined will get there. 

The town that is just near Shepparton has a massive solar farm that will generate enough electricity in order to power Melbourne’s tram network.

The solar farm is 128 megawatt and costs $198 million to make in less than a year. It will utilise 300,000 panels that are spread over 500 hectares that are used for grazing sheep and cattle to give 100% renewable energy to offset the tram setup.

The carbon emission reduction is generated from the farm and is the same as planting 390,000 trees and take off 75,000 cars from the road.

The most iconic organisations in Melbourne have joined together in order to support the creation of a wind farm that is going to be built right near Ararat.  Melbourne renewable energy project has come together with other leading corporations, universities and cultural institutions which sources renewable energy from the 80MW wind farm.

How Melbourne Is Using Its Renewable Energy

The Deputy Lord Mayor wants it to be known they are committed to the jobs and investments and the long-term energy security within Melbourne. 

The power purchasing project is an Australian first and it shows that big companies can combine their purchasing power in order to support the development of renewable energy plants within Australia.

The planned wind farm will be operated and owned by the pacific Hydro and power will be given from the retail arm known as Tango Energy. The facility will include 39 wind turbines, and this will deliver a big boost for the economy in Australia with more engineering jobs and opportunities for suppliers, contractors and the local businesses. 

There is a plan to buy 88GW of the energy which is enough power 17,000 homes in Melbourne for one year.

This will rid more than 95,000 tonnes of gas emissions from going into the atmosphere each year. This is equivalent to taking 22,000 cars off the road. The Crowlands wind farm has got all the planning approvals and the contracts are getting finalised and are now subject to financial close. The wind-rich agriculture community that is 205kms from Melbourne that was once proposed in the year 2007. 

There are plans to go further with this and it seems that it will never stop as technology is growing and the opportunities for renewable energy are growing. With more plans in line to start after the current projects are finalised the renewable energy sources are going to continue to grow.